Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Campground Reviews Blog and link

March 30, 2011 Cottonwood Creek RV Park.
Today we were expecting rain that never really materialized. So I started off the day working on the blog.  In particular, I deleted the campground review page and created another blog: America by RV Campground Reviews. I then linked the two blogs together. So if you look at the top of the right sidebar you should see a hyperlink to the campground reviews. I also added some additional pictures and reviews. Working on the blog took most of the day. Please take a look at the new reviews. They should be easier to find via the State name.

I've been doing some minor landscape work here at Cottonwood Creek RV Park.  Sheri, one of the owners, asked if I would be interested in helping her around the park a few hours a week for which she would be willing to pay.  She knew that we had turned down a volunteer position in Palo Duro State Park and would possibly be around for a while. I agreed to help out.  Her husband Les is disabled from his explosive accident, so Sheri could really use the help. So today, I also worked with her for a few hours grinding up cut cedar tree branches and spreading mulch along the trails in the back. 

We've been enjoying our time visiting with our friends and neighbors. We've taken a few side trips with Dale and Betty to a local Mexican restaurant in Dripping Springs. 

I built a new stand for the satellite dish from PVC that I purchased at Home Depot and got it set-up. I'll post pictures later.

We have a few trips planned in the near future and a Mexican Fiesta scheduled for the park.  Meanwhile, we will all be fighting off our pollen allergies and dealing with the yellow pollen dust on our vehicles and anything else left out in the elements.


  1. I forgot about that yellow pine pollen. We had lots of it in Pensacola. Your campground review blog looks great. i know that must have taken some time. I haven't gotten that ambitious yet!

  2. Very nice job on your campground review page, it is well done and gives greater detail than other CG reviews I've seen.

    Thanks for taking the time, it'll come in handy for our travels.