Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stop over in Ozona TX

We enjoyed our week in Las Cruces and Hacienda RV Park. We re-visited La Mesilla and the two weekend markets.  However, mostly we just relaxed yet stayed busy. 
A funny thing happened yesterday. In preparation for our travel, I decided to put some more water in the rig's 80 gallon water tank. I usually keep it at about 30 gallons. As you may recall we boon docked in a parking lot overnight last week because of a dust storm. So, I needed to replenish the water in the tank. So as the tank is filling, I'm doing some other things and eventually get distracted and end up over at Paul and Paula's RV. Not long after Joyce comes running over yelling water is pouring out of the rig. Sure enough, I overfilled the tank. Thankfully nothing was damaged or got wet. I drained the tank to the level I wanted and all was fine. 
Today we hit the road about 8:30 headed for Fort Stockton 300 miles away. We made good time and the weather was cooperating with a cool overcast (temps 70-80's). So after reaching Fort Stockton, I filled up at $4.05 a gallon for diesel and Joyce filled the Jeep. 
Paul and Paula were willing to keep going so we pushed on for another 100 plus miles to the Circle Bar RV Park in Ozona Tx.

I don't believe there is a website for the park but, it's at exit 372 in Texas. It's not much more than a dirt parking lot. Cost was $27 for the night including cable TV, 50 amp and Sewer. It's first come first serve and it seems to be common practice to park your tow vehicle in the adjacent site if it doesn't fit in the site with your rig. We were told to pick our own site and the office didn't care to know which ones we took. Very relaxed. 
We made a quick meal watched American Idol and are now preparing for some shut eye after driving 400 miles today. Tomorrow we should make it to Cottonwood Creek RV Park in Dripping Springs, Tx.
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  1. Have fun in the Hill Country, we had a great month there!