Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hamilton Pool Redux

Cottonwood Creek RV Park
Texas Blue Bonnets
It's been a sad a traumatic week for our traveling friends, Paul and Paula. One of their two dogs the pug, Zeva suddenly and unexpectedly became ill. They took her back and forth to the local veterinarians and then to a veterinary neurologist 52 miles away who diagnosed the small 2 year old pug with Pug Encephalitis. Against the odds they tried a medicine regime which only worked for a couple of days. Soon it became evident that they had done all that could be done for her and the best course of action was to put the dog to rest. 
Kramer and Zeva
Sheri and Les the owners of Cottonwood Creek RV Park, offered to have them bury Zeva in the "back forty". So we dug a small grave which Paul and Paula decorated with rocks. A sudden sad and tragic end for Zeva "the Diva".  Kramer will have to fill the void.
Today we tried to put the tragedy of the past few days behind us and visit one of our favorite places, Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve. It was a bit of an overcast and humid day with storms expected but it was still beautiful. This was our third visit in three years to this county park and we always enjoy it.

Paula and Paul

We had a great time at Hamilton Pool and the short hike out to the Pedernales River. We worked up an appetite and afterwards drove in to Bee Cave for an Italian lunch at Mondolo's. When we got home, we experienced a brief rain and small hail storm. At the same time, Dallas was hit with one or more tornadoes!
Things are really winding down for the summer here at the park. More guests have moved on and the place is looking pretty empty. We plan to hit the road on Easter Sunday, April 8th and head east towards Florida with a few stops along the way. In a few weeks we will have to say good-bye to Paul and Paula who will continue east with us before turning north towards Massachusetts from Florida.


  1. So sorry to read about Paul and Paula's dog. It's hard enough when they're old and ill and you're expecting it. Quite a shock for an dog so young.
    Hamilton Pool is on our list for the next time we're in the area. Texas has some beautiful places.

  2. Looks like a beautiful spot to hike too. So sorry for your friends, it is so hard to loose a beloved pet.

  3. Great blog and thanks for posting the Hamilton Pool pics. We used to live in Austin and loved going there to swim and picnic. Austin is a beautiful place!