Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Austin Bike Shops, Trails and More!

April 26, 2011 Cottonwood Creek RV Park.
About a week ago we moved from site 7 to site 11.
Our new friends Paul and Paula had occupied this site but they moved on.  We had stayed in this site last year.
This site has much more shade and protection from the wind. Like all the sites in this park, we don't have anything behind us but trees and the dry creek bed. We don't have any other sites on our door side, just more trees. So, we are very happy in our new/ old site and enjoy the visits from the many birds that frequent the green areas.
We both have a bad case of "hitch itch" and we are anxious to move on. It's especially hard when we hear from friends out on the road and headed for cooler climes! However, we still need to attend our son-in-law's "Winging Ceremony" in Corpus Christi on June 10th. So, we are happy to stay here in Cottonwood Creek RV Park until it's time to move back to Corpus. Once that's over we will quickly move north!
The park isn't very busy during the week and the temperatures have been in the upper 90's. It does get busier over the weekends. The few residents that are here are more reluctant to hang around outside now that it's considerably warmer. I've taken to keeping the truck and Jeep covered to protect them from the hot sun and the junk that falls out of the trees.
A few days ago we took a trip to Austin. We wanted to do some sightseeing and check out the bike trails along Lady Bird Lake and Zilker Park. We parked under the S. Mopac Express Hwy. to get a quick look at the trails.
From what I learned the Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail is over 10 miles long with several bridge crossings over Lady Bird Lake just like the one below.
There are several other trails to include The Lance Armstrong Bike Way that connect to the Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail and traverse the city. We plan to come back with our all terrain bicycles and explore as many trails as possible. When we left Zilker Park, we stayed on Barton Springs Road and came across a number of bicycle shops. We had to stop at a couple of them and look around. I've never seen so many bicycle shops within blocks or a couple miles of each other. Obviously, Austin is a very bicycle friendly city.
Along the way we came across Pecan Grove RV Park. What a perfect location for exploring Austin. I had read reviews on this park in the past and many thought it was "eclectic", "funky" and "charming". We took a quick look and noted that many of the RVs had not moved in perhaps years and probably would never move safely down the highways again. Most of the sites were very tight, certainly not our type of park. However, you couldn't beat the location for exploring Austin, provided you could even get a site!
We continued exploring on the south side of Lady Bird Lake on Barton Springs Rd. and decided to stop for lunch at Threadgills an Austin restaurant with lots of history. We had a good lunch that kept us full the whole day!
Threadgill's, South Austin
"Threadgill's World Headquarters"

Whether you come in for our renowned feel good southern food, to soak in the history of the Armadillo and its salad days of the 1970’s or to have a beverage and enjoy live music under the stars in the family and fun friendly Beer garden, you'll be glad you did! Come back often.

Before leaving we wanted to stop and check out yet another bike shop, Mellow Johnny's owned by Lance Armstrong. It is a beautiful shop with lots of inventory and memorabilia from Lance's racing career. There's even a small coffee shop. Definitely worth the visit when you are in town. We made a couple of small purchases. I tried to stay away from the road bikes as I sure miss not having one.
We couldn't head back home without stopping at the REI store, so we killed some more time there before heading back home. We had asked the park owner Sheri to check on Maggie and Rico if she could. As you may recall we had a problem a couple weeks ago with the air conditioner tripping its breaker. However, it's only happened the one time. Still it makes us nervous about leaving Maggie and Rico home alone. Sheri was nice enough to give us a call in the afternoon letting us know that everything was fine and that she had walked Maggie and Rico for us. You can't ask for better service.


  1. We have Hitch Itch too - we still have till May 16th before we hit the road. I hope your time goes fast and your getting breaks from the heat...


  2. We really liked Austin, too. Had fun browsing at Mellow Johnny's. Stayed at McKinney Falls State Park, very nice and close to town but you don't feel like you are. There's a picture of our site on our blog.

  3. Sounds like a beautiful location! I would love to go biking on one of those trails :) hope you continue to enjoy your journey and stay warm enough.
    Vicky Driving Safety Advocate

  4. Can understand the hitch itch, we've been sitting still for 2 months now (driving us crazy). However the Texas Hill Countrys not a bad place to do it, lots to explore. Check out rafting or Kayaking the Guadalupe river, it looked like a blast when we were there.