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Lake Mead N.R.A.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Some Goings On At Cottonwood Creek RV Park

May 24, 2011 Cottonwood Creek RV Park Dripping Springs, Tx.
Our site, 11
Wow! I don't know what else to say about the ravaging deadly storms in our nation's heartlands. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the storms and let's not forget the flood victims. We pray our RV friends and others in the path of storms find shelter or escape altogether. As I type this tornados and storms are marching through Oklahoma and headed for Joplin Mo. again!
Here in Dripping Springs Tx (Southwest of Austin) we've avoided severe weather and continue to be in need of rain. The last few days our weather radio has gone off sometimes 3 times a day warning of severe thunderstorm watches or warnings. None of which have affected us as the storms have been staying primarily north of us. Dry conditions are forecasted for the next week as the temperature tomorrow is expected to soar to the triple digits. Oops!...the weather radio just went off again with a warning from the National Weather Service of a "severe storm watch till 4:30 am"! This just after the local Austin TV weather reported nothing in the viewing area!

You may recall from an earlier post, that here in Cottonwood Creek RV Park we've been trying to catch a destructive armadillo that is attracted at night to freshly watered sod for digging up grubs, worms and insects.  Well, after the first traps failed in our site, things have gotten a little more serious....
Joyce made four of the above wanted posters and posted them around the park (lol). The park owner, Les and I went to work constructing a better trap using 50 ft. of wire fencing, metal stakes, trip wires and a wood trap door. After fencing off the capture pen we soaked it down with lots of water to attract the 'dillo.  The first night with the new trap failed to attract Dillo.  But, his days are numbered and now I'm afraid the live trap isn't an option!
The new Armadillo trapping pen set in the wood line.
I failed to mention in previous posts about a little pot-luck Brisket BBQ get together that the park owners, Les and Sheri put together for all of us. 
Partying on the back porch!
Les got up about 3 am one morning a couple of weeks ago and started the fire in his smoker to cook the 16 lbs. of beef brisket for a good 12-14 hrs.
Les and Sheri's smoker.
This was the second time this year that we've had some of Les' smoked beef brisket and let me tell's fabulous! Chances are if you spend a few months or arrive at the right time here at the park you will get an invite, as Les' cooks up the brisket a few times a year.

Rico, Maggie and Les' dog Ema helping Les with the cleanup!
Another two weeks before we will be heading for Corpus Christi. We had so much fun with our last kayak adventure, we plan to get another trip in before we leave. 
I'm still staying busy with mowing, trimming, cutting and grinding up tree limbs here in the park. I could stay busy here all day everyday, but it gets so warm and muggy in the afternoon that a few hours every few days is enough for me.
This evening, while walking Maggie and Rico, we strolled by a site and I heard a woman call out my name. After introductions, it turns out she and her husband knew us from our blog and in fact, it was our blog that helped them to decide to stay here at Cottonwood Creek RV Park. It was nice to meet them! 

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