Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Droid Razor and Bald Eagle Survey

January 10, 2012 Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

We've been staying busy, but I got to tell you that I've entered the smart phone world! Yesterday, I upgraded my Verizon account to include a Droid Razor, my first smart phone. Joyce has had a Droid X for the past year, but I've only had the basic phone.
So now, I have internet and text on my phone. Cool, but expensive at an additional $40 a month including texting. I've already learned that I'm able to quickly send updates and photos to our America by RV Facebook Page so, please stay with us and check out our link at the top right of this page for the America by RV Facebook page. Now if I could only learn to update the blog with my new phone...hmm.

We started the New Year out right with a hike along the North Summit Trail in the park. It gave me a good opportunity to check out the new red Osprey 30 Manta Pack that I purchased from the REI store in Las Vegas. 

Bowl of Fire in the background.

January 4th, I participated in the park's annual Bald Eagle Count along the lake and Colorado River.  We set out in small groups in about 4-5 boats to survey portions of the river.
My boat crew!
It was a cool morning in the 40's as my crew and I headed up the Black Canyon towards the Hoover Dam.
Cruising up the Colorado River in Black Canyon towards the Hoover Dam.
We found a number of young eagles like the one below along our designated route. More young eagles than matures!
An Immature Bald Eagle
Of course, we also saw a number of Desert Mountain Sheep like the ram below.
Desert Bighorn

The eagles, hawks and sheep all provoked the same response from those of us in the boat which was to stop the boat and look!
The Crew stopping to admire and evaluate an Eagle
Our crew saw 15 Bald Eagles which was spectacular for me. However the best view was of the Hoover Dam and the new bridge from below on the Colorado River!
At the conclusion of the all day survey and a good 7 + hrs. on the water, the eagle count coordinator gathered up the results and pronounced:
This year's survey went well we had a total of 162 eagles (161 bald and 1unknown).

I thought the totals were amazing but apparently the numbers were down just a few from the year before. Some blamed the unseasonably warm weather we've been enjoying. Allegedly the birds like the colder weather.


  1. "Now if I could only learn to update the blog with my new phone...hmm"

    Just install the "Blogger" App from Android Market ... it works great ... I use it all the time.

  2. Great shot of the new bridge. Must be quite a sight from below. But seeing the eagles and the sheep would be amazing. Love the photos.