Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

City of Rocks State Park, NM

May 4th, 2010.
Lows were in the 40’s but we woke to a bright sun. It slowly warmed to the low 80’s. It was a beautiful breezy day without a cloud in the sky.
Maggie was putting weight back on her left leg so she seems to be recovering. Yesterday she went lame after playing with a puppy next door.
After getting Maggie and Rico settled and turning on the air conditioner, we drove Joyce’s car out to the The City of Rocks, State Park

City of Rocks State Park was established in May 1952. The park encompasses a one- square- mile area in the scenic Chihuahuan desert region of southeastern New Mexico at the elevation of 5,200 feet. The “city” is a truly geologic monument formed by large sculptured rock columns, or pinnacles, rising as high as 40 feet and separated by paths or lanes resembling city streets. These rocks were formed about 34.9 million years ago when a very large volcano erupted. Then, erosion over millions of years slowly formed the sculptured columns seen here today

We did the 3.25 mile hike around the park starting at the botanical garden and ending at the visitor center.  

I guess we did the hike backwards. However, when we initially arrived at the park the visitor center was closed, but reopened prior to the end of our hike. 

We spoke with the park volunteer in the visitor center whom told us about some of the wild life which includes javelinas, coyote, bobcats, kangaroo rats, snakes and birds.
There is both primitive camping for $10 and camping with electric and water for $14.  There were a number of electric sites still available.
However, the best sites were the primitive sites which were right up against the rocks.

All in all, it was a nice hike in the desert around the rocks, and we enjoyed our visit. Although its very remote, If we are ever back in the area, we would consider camping here for a few days. 
On the way back home we stopped for groceries and then relaxed the rest of the day.

April 3, 2010.

It was another chilly night but the morning sun soon warmed us up. We stayed home and took care of some domestic chores i.e., laundry. 
Maggie and Rico played with the 4 mos. old cattle dog next door.  They raced around the rig and Maggie did her boxer burns.  However, about an hour later, Maggie was holding up her left rear leg and limping around.  She has done this before when she over exerts herself. Its possible she has a problem with her knee. We are keeping are fingers crossed that it resolves itself.
I took this opportunity to check out the dirt trail behind our rig.  The ground here is like a clay mixture that is hard as a rock when its dry. It was a nice trail but jarring! 

The trail was about 4 miles down the valley which meant the return was 4 miles up hill! 

It was a nice ride. I could sure feel the 6000 ft. of altitude here in Silver City as I chugged up the hill.

The rest of the day was uneventful and we had a quiet evening. Maggie continued to limp and favor her leg all day and we made her rest.

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