Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hanging Out with Family, Carriage Manor Resort

May 13, 2010.

On May 11th, we moved from Usery Mountain Regional Park to Carriage Manor Resort. My father and Karen own a couple of lots in this resort, however theirs are occupied. Karen made arrangements to have us stay on their friend's corner site. Their friends our currently out of the state for the summer and they offered through Karen to have us stay on the site for free. Although very gracious, we will at least pay for our electrical usage. We can't be this deal.

Although we miss the beauty of the desert at Usery Mountain Regional Park, we had become concerned for Maggie and Rico. There was a marauding rattlesnake in the back yard coupled with potentially dangerous spiny cactus, we were concerned that the dogs would get stuck or bit by something. One morning I found a small scorpion in Rico's outdoor bed. Moreover, the park didn't have sewer hook-ups so an extended stay would be a hassle with having to use the dump station. 

Carriage Manor Resort is a resort park with all the amenities to include a pool, gym and dog park. The pool will certainly come in handy as temperatures are expected to hover around 100 degrees! But hey, it's a dry heat! The only downside is that we can't walk Maggie and Rico through the resort. All dogs have to be transported to the dog park. So, my father and Karen loaned us one of their golf carts to transport Maggie and Rico. They now love to go for a ride in the golf cart! Joyce and I looked for parks in this area to stay for a few weeks and discovered that the vast majority are all 55 plus resorts, so our pickens would have been slim! This arrangement will be perfect.

Carriage Manor Resort is a 55 plus resort, because we aren't there yet, we can only be "guests" for a couple of weeks. However, at that time we will be ready to leave on a trip to Colorado. My father and Karen will go with us pulling their fifth wheel as we travel to Colorado via New Mexico. So our plan is move on at the end of the month.

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  1. Ok, so how is that "dry heat." Is is as miserable as it is in Florida in August?