Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Exploring the area, biking and window tint for the Jeep

August 23, 2010.
The fields are awash in a sea of yellow and green. Nearly every empty field in The Williams, Flagstaff area is full of sunflowers. Apparently this year they are more abundant than usual as are the flies and mosquitos! It doesn't help that we are less than a mile from the well used rodeo grounds. We purchased a smelly fly trap that we set at the edge of our site adjacent to a vacant site to catch flies. We've also hung fly paper. I keep our large outdoor fan going when we sit outside to blow away the critters. I always assumed there were less bugs out west than in Florida...I'm beginning to doubt it!
The other day we loaded up Maggie and Rico in the Jeep and took a ride off road in and around the Kaibab National Forest
One stop along the way was Kaibab Lake which is surrounded on one side by the Forest Service campground. It's a paved campground but there are no hook-ups...and it was full!
Rico pondering his next move!
While driving around closer to Williams and headed towards Cataract Lake, we came across this old railroad overpass. The road wasn't posted regarding the overpass height however on the opposite side scrawled on the wall it indicated the height was 13ft 3inches.
Out by Cataract Lake we found another much smaller Forest Service campground. Again no hook-ups. The area around there has many small ponds and lakes.
An old abandoned Ranch.
We continued exploring down some of the forest roads before heading back home. Out on some of the forest roads we found folks camping in dispersed areas. I should note that in the designated campgrounds that I mentioned above, the camping fees were $18 a day plus $9 for an additional vehicle. Rather expensive for no hook-ups! 

I've been doing some biking in the mornings in and around Williams. It seems that downtown Williams is always alive with tourists. A couple days ago we drove into Flagstaff or "Flag" as it's known locally, to get the passenger and driver side windows of the Jeep tinted. 
Not much else till next time, we'll keep you posted!

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  1. Just hearing about Sedona and Flagstaff make me yearn for Arizona. Have fun!