Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shields Park N.A.S. Corpus Christi, Tx

June 12, 2011 N.A.S. Corpus Christi, Tx.
I promised some pictures of our campsite a couple blogs back. We are in site 73. As you may recall we stayed here on base in February.
Site 78
The campground on base is generally only for active duty or retired military. However, we are able to stay here because our active duty Navy Son-In-Law has "sponsored us". 
My sister's site next to us (right)
My sister is retired Air Force and thus able to make use of the campground. She's camped next to us. There aren't many sources of shade in the campground however, it's convenient for our purposes here.
Morning shot.
The weather has been very warm in the 80's at night and mid 90's during the day with high humidity and wind. Yesterday I took advantage of some down time and washed our fifth wheel to include the roof. Of course, my sister then wanted hers washed... So I washed hers too. I ended up with a pretty good sunburn!
Joyce went with Ashley, Andrew (A2) and his mom to the beach. They drove the Jeep out onto the beach on Padre Island and set up for some rays! I've never been a sun worshipper so I sat that one out.
Last night was dinner at A2's house and a round of games.
Today, I washed the truck. It was in need of a good bath.
Although we are anxious to get moving north to cooler climates we've decided to stay an extra day to spend some time with my sister. So we will plan to leave Tuesday Morning. We don't have a real itinerary but have soft plans to take a couple days to get to Santa Fe and then move north into Colorado, then perhaps Wyoming and Utah by late Fall. We'll just see what happens!

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  1. This is the first time we were able to catch up on your blog since we left Cottonwood Creek RV Park. Sorry to hear about your fall, but glad you are better now and was able to get to Corpus.
    Congrats to your son-in-law. That is an aawesome accomplishment! It was so nice to meet y'all at Cottonwood. Sorry we didn't get to visit too much! It was so hot durning the day. Les and Sherry are awesome and we will absolutely be going back...maybe in September. We are hoping to see y'all again. Happy motoring and stay safe.