Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Trip to the Emergency Room

June 6th, 2011, Cottonwood Creek RV Park Dripping Springs, Tx.
A deer hanging out by our rear window.

Last night I laid in bed thinking that we structured our Spring and part of the Summer to stay in Texas so that we could attend our Son-In-Laws's Navy Winging Ceremony. Now because of my fall, I thought that we may not be able to make it.
This morning, I awoke as Joyce was still sleeping. She had been insistent that this morning I was going to see a doctor. I laid still hoping to prolong the inevitable as I really didn't want to go to the hospital. Before long Joyce got up and immediately reminded me of my morning destination.
I slowly got out of bed anticipating the sharp pain that would follow when I tried to stand up just as it had felt when I went to bed the night before. Much to my surprise, I was able to stand and move, still with pain, but manageable. I was able to take a shower and even managed to get down the steps out of the bedroom. I was thinking I had a chance of convincing Joyce that we didn't really need to go to the hospital after all! She had been out walking Maggie and Rico and when she returned, I showed her the progress I had made. She wasn't going for it and said she would go get Les and Sheri to help me get in the Jeep. I convinced her that it wasn't necessary and in fact I could get down the outside steps and walk to their rig.
So, off I went with Joyce, Maggie and Rico in tow. Using my 5ft walking stick I slowly hobbled towards Les and Sheri's rig gradually slowing as the pain began to increase the further I went. However, I made it to their rig where they were having their coffee outside. Long story short, they all persuaded me to go to the hospital. Joyce went back and got the Jeep to pick me up.
We took off for St. David's Hospital in south Austin. After the 40 minute ride, I was pretty stiff and Joyce dropped me off at the emergency entrance. I hobbled in on my walking stick as Joyce parked the Jeep. The triage staff took me in right away, surprisingly ahead of others.
After being put into an ER room and putting on the obligatory drafty gown, a very amicable ER doctor came in to make an assessment. After an examination and discussion, he seemed to think I may have bruised and inflamed my sciatic nerve on my right side but, like Joyce, he wanted to rule out a fracture and ordered x-rays.
So after enduring the x-rays, the doctor came back and declared that I didn't have any fractures but would be prescribing steroids and pain killers to combat the inflammation and pain caused by the sciatic nerve. I gotta tell ya, the doctor and nurse were some of the friendliest I've ever met as a patient. The doctor was also a Gator and told us of the home he still maintains in Jacksonville which happens to be our kid's next destination after Corpus Christi.
So, after an hour and 40 minutes and $150 co-pay we were on our way. Both relieved that it went so well. We picked up my prescriptions and headed home for some more rest.
Chances are good that we will leave Thursday for  Corpus Christi a day later than originally planned.
Thanks to all of you that called, sent personal e-mails and commented.


  1. Glad it wasn't anything more serious. Have a safe trip to Corpus Christi.

  2. Great News!!! No break, heres to a speedy recovery.

  3. Glad to hear no fractures, your description had me worried. Hope it is feeling better in a couple days.

  4. So glad you got treatment and are on the road to recovery.