Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Travel Day to North Salt Lake City and Pony Express RV Resort

July 22, 2011. Green River Utah to North Salt Lake City.
We slept good and were ready to hit the road by 9:30. We expected to do about 190 miles today. The weather was clear and cool around 73 degrees as we got started.

Leaving Green River, Utah we went west on I70 for about 6 miles before turning northwest on Hwy 191.
Hwy. 191
From Hwy. 191 we continued on Hwy. 6 entering some higher elevations and canyons.
Hwy. 6
The further north we traveled the more beautiful and green the scenery became.
Near Spanish Fork we jumped on I15 for about 30-40 miles of construction barricades and 4-6 lanes of crazy traffic. The speed limit through the construction was 55 mph but I think I was the only one traveling 55 or less. The picture below was the calm before the traffic storm!
I15 north of Spanish Fork
We had stopped in Spanish Fork to walk the dogs and have a quick lunch break. Subsequently, we arrived at Pony Express RV Resort around 2:00. The only staff we've seen were the two young women manning the desk in the office. They checked us in and then one of them lead us to our "premium site" B22. We paid over $260 for a week's stay.
Our site B22
By the end of the day (after these photos) the park was perhaps 90% full.
The street in front of our site
It's a new park perhaps only a few years old. It's nice however, there are a lot of semi-permanent construction workers and their trucks in the park including on both sides of us. This was more noticeable in the evening when they all began to return home to the RV park. The park's website states, "Pony Express RV Resort is, simply stated, an RV Resort for RVers. Built and managed to accommodate the vacation/leisure traveler, you won’t find yourself mingled with long-term residents...".  Well, I beg to differ with that statement!
Rear of site
The sites are really narrow with immature trees. We are lucky that our door side is shaded in the afternoon as the temps reached the mid 90's in the late afternoon.
Street at rear of our site
Overall, the park will suit us just fine. It's not our favorite type of park with all the concrete and pavement but it seems to be centrally located and has a bike trail adjacent to it that we will have to check out. Joyce made use of the pool already and reported back favorably!
We will spend at least a week in this park and do some exploring.

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  1. Sometimes we run into parks that are less then ideal but it's the fun we make while we are there... right! Have a good time
    Travel safe