Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Buckhorn Lake RV Resort, Kerrville, Texas

January 22, 2011 Buckhorn Lake RV Resort.
We actually got up later than we expected at 8:30. We hadn't set an alarm and we had entered the Central Time Zone yesterday. Our bodies thought it was 7:30. We were pretty much set to take off having left the rig hitched to the truck. However, it was cold outside having dipped into the 30's overnight. Thankfully the sun was out and shining brightly. After walking the dogs and making our final preparations we pulled out of Comanche Land RV Park just before 10. There was a Shell truck station at the intersection for Interstate 10 so we stopped to fuel up. Yesterday I got close to 12 mpg towing with a tailwind. We got on the interstate just after 10 a.m. headed for Buckhorn Lake RV Resort in Kerrville, Texas.
Maggie and Rico sleeping in the back of the truck.

Out on the interstate, the rig was getting buffeted by strong cross winds. Whoever thinks Texas is flat has never driven on Interstate 10 through west Texas. We hit some pretty long grades. That coupled with the wind was grossly affecting my fuel mileage. We stopped for lunch and more fuel in Sonora Texas. Based on my overhead reading of 9.8 mpg, I'm betting I got barely 9 mpg. I'll have to manually calculate the mileage later.
After about 4.5 hours and 250 miles we arrived at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort. We decided to splurge and took an "executive site" with a water view on a corner lot.
Site 6094B
 Our first impression of this campground is very good. They let us pick our site from those available after checking them out in their golf cart. We will be staying at least a week with a weekly rate of $275 plus electric. This is certainly more than we've ever paid before. However, it's so nice to have a concrete slab and a level site with grass and a view! This resort may be a budget buster, so hopefully we can enjoy it and have some good weather. We have a western exposure on our door side so at least we will have warm sun if it shines.
Our back window view.
We had spent several weeks in the Texas Hill Country last year in March and April. We like the area but wanted to see more of it.
The "Red Barn" and Outdoor Patio across the street.
Since we are headed to Corpus Christi to see our daughter and son in law we decided to stop in Kerrville for at least a week to maybe check out some of the things we missed last year.
View out front.
We paid $14 for fresh made pizza in the "Red Barn" tonight. An event put on by the resort. The pizza wasn't bad and it was in the barn that is right across the street from our site. The resort has a calendar literally filled each day with available activities, potlucks, prepared meals, trips and socials. From what we've seen the resort is very well maintained as the grounds and buildings are spotless.

In the pictures below, Rico wanted the pillow but after whining, couldn't get Maggie to move off.
So, Rico laid down behind her and laid his head on her. Before long, Maggie got up and went into her crate...mission accomplished!
Stay tuned as we explore the area. 


  1. Thanks for the pictures of Rico and Maggie, nice treat!

    Looks like a nice spot you have for the next week.

    It is back to COLD here in Florida :-(

  2. found your blog through The Great RV Escape..going to ride along for while!..nice rig and jeep you have!!!