Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1st Day of Texas National Carriage Rally

April 12, 2010.
The rally was officially underway. We awoke at 7:00 to attend breakfast. The weather was overcast but mild.

After walking Maggie and Rico, we walked over to the pavilion where the majority of the activities to include the meals takes place.

As the morning went on we attended a few seminars to include a presentation by Mor/ryde. I also attended a presentation on stabilizers for the landing legs of the fifth wheel. Even with our Bigfoot Levelers, we still experience some side to side movement in the front of our rig especially when the front is lifted high to make the coach level. The stabilizers are designed to eliminate the sway. I had seen the system before and heard good things about it. I decided to purchase the system and the installation which would be done on our site. I'll post some pictures after the installation later this week.

Below is a picture of our pull-through site, #81.

We also attended a meeting for the "First Timers", folks like us who are new to the Carriage Travel Club. The meeting was with the officers of the club whom are in the midst of reorganizing and taking over management of the club from a commercial management company. It appears it will take some time for the club to get back the status it once enjoyed before the commerical management company took over 3 years ago. Male "First Timers" are identified at the rally with a tin sheriff's badge, kinda ironic for me, a retired sheriff's deputy. However, I have no idea what the badge has to do with being a "First Timer"!

After relaxing outside with our neighbors who have a beautiful Carriage Carri-Lite. We went back to the pavilion for the catered dinner, formal opening ceremonies and local entertainment. The entertainment was too "generationally dated" for us.

We left a little early and walked the park with Maggie and Rico taking pictures of the rows of Carriage fifth wheels.

This '96 Carriage Conestoga has been beautifully restored and is pulled by a '96 Dodge.

My favorite here at the park is this 2010 Carriage Royals.

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