Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brenham, Texas Historic District

March 19, 2010.
We awoke to a sunny but windy day.  It quickly warmed to the mid 70’s.  I worked on the blog and then called Schoppes Auto Repair to check on the status of our car.  The owner reported that they were working on it and he would call me back when it’s done.
We decided to take a trip out to Brenham, Texas and the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory.  We pulled up near the front of the factory and saw lines and lines of people with small children.  We decided not to stop and headed for the historic district.  Apparently during Spring Break, the factory is a big draw!

Brenham, Texas is renowned as the heart of the bluebonnet region in Central Texas.   Brenham is also known for a German heritage festival that takes place each May called Maifest, similar to Volksfest.

As the county seat for Washington County, the county is also home of the "Birthplace of Texas," the site of the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence on March 2, 1836 in the town of Washington.

We walked through the historic district after finding a place to park our truck.  There were a lot of historic and old buildings with character.

We got hungry walking around and we were drawn to the smell of grill smoke.  We came across the Capital Grill part of the Ant Street Inn another historic building.  

Just before stopping for lunch, Mr. Schoppe called me and told me the thermostat had fixed our problem and our car was ready to be picked up.  After that good news, I was ready for lunch!  We entered the Ant Street Inn via the beautifully restored hotel lobby that leads to the Capital Grill.

We each ordered off the south of the border menu.  I had tostadas and Joyce had quesadillas.

After lunch, we continued walking around and came across the railroad station.  We can hear a train in the distance from our campsite.  It seems to run pretty regularly.  In fact a train pulled into town while we were there.

After we finished our walking tour around the Historic District of Brenham, we drove the 15 miles or more to Somerville to pick up our car.  The bill was $161 for replacing the thermostat with included removing the plenum and other parts of the engine just to get to the thermostat.  We were glad to have it back and fixed.
As much as I like my truck, I don’t like driving it around for sight seeing.  Especially in towns and cities with narrow streets and parking.  My truck does an excellent job of towing our rig and hauling stuff.  But, for everyday use, it’s not that type of truck in my opinion.  I’m glad we have the car for short trips, errands and sight seeing.

Back at home, Rico and I felt a nap coming on.  Joyce sat outside trying to get some sun.  The wind was really strong so Rico and I didn’t really sleep.
By evening the wind died down and we took Maggie and Rico for a long walk around the entire park.  We got back home just in time to enjoy the sunset.

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