Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spare Tire, Lauberge Du Loc, Ready to move on

March 15, 2010.  Happy Birthday Rocky!

The day started out bright and sunny with temps in the 50's quickly warming to the upper 70's.  

We had noticed these mud towers in the field next to us.

Rico seemed to have a special interest in these mud towers and I was curious as to what created them.

It turns out they are created by crawfish a.k.a. crawdads.  I learned the following via the internet: In areas where water dries up, crawfish build mounds of mud that look like little towers. If you live in southern Louisiana you usually see little mounds close to ditches. This is where crawfish stay until the water comes back. It is also where the female crawfish go to lay eggs until they hatch.

Joyce decided it was time to do laundry, so she took care of that at the laundry room in the park.

I needed to check the air pressure in the spare.  The spare is mounted underneath and held up against the bottom of the fifth wheel.  I assembled the pole and crank handle and attached them to the crank bolt in the rear basement of our Carriage Cameo.  I then lowered the tire by rotating the crank counter-clockwise. 

The spare tire was mounted so that the valve stem was facing up against the bottom and thus not accessible.  So I needed to drop the spare tire to flip it around.  It's held by a cable and "T" shaped piece of metal.  

I pulled the tire out, checked the air pressure which was 76 p.s.i. and aired it up with my compressor to 80 p.s.i.  I then remounted the spare tire so that I would have access to the valve stem!

In the afternoon, we took a trip out to Lauberge Du Loc a casino nearby off I-210 in Lake Charles.  

Now don't worry, we didn't adorn ourselves with good luck charms and or rabbits feet.  Even though it's our second casino in less than a month, we aren't becoming professional gamblers. Perhaps just as bad, we put on our loose clothes and headed out for the all you can eat buffet!

At $13.95 each the buffet was a great deal.  They had an assortment of foods, to include American, Asian, Mexican, seafood and all types of desserts!

We ate till we were ready to burst after fasting all day.  Later we walked outside and around the first floor of the casino. The casino is located on the Calcasieu River.  This Barge was just outside.

The I-210 bridge is behind Joyce in this picture.  She was happy as she was wanting to go the buffet for the last couple of days but, I wasn't up to it.  She really enjoyed the crab legs.

A nice arrangement in one of the many lobbies.

We cruised through the actual casino.  I couldn't handle all the cigarette smoke!

We got back home around 5:30 and because of daylight savings, we had plenty of daylight left.  We had extended our stay to receive our forwarded mail from our mail service American Home Base.  Our expected mail arrived today so we are planning to move on tomorrow towards Somerville Texas on our way to Austin Texas. 

I made some preparations to leave to include my routine checking of the air pressures and putting my transponders on the fifth wheel valve stems for my tire pressure monitor system.

I researched some campground possibilities along our route.  I spoke earlier in the day with a state park employee who indicated that they are in their peak season for campers coupled with the fact that Spring Break is underway.  So we hope we won't have difficulty finding a new site!

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