Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Hike with Maggie and Rico, Shopping in Slidell

March 8, 2010.
The day started with cloudy skies and cool temps.  Rain was forecasted for the afternoon.

We decided to take Maggie and Rico for a long walk.  We started off by walking around both the old and new campground.  We noted that at least two of the paved loops in the new campground are unimproved sites with paved slabs but no power or water.  It seems at least to us, that a lot of sites and space have been dedicated to dry camping.  However, none of the sites were occupied and haven't been with the exception of one or two during our stay.  The power and water sites appeared to be about 80% full.  I'm not sure why the park would plan for so many dry camping sites.  We also noted a lot of standing water.  But hey, we've seen signs proclaiming Louisiana as "America's Wet lands".

We continued our walk with a hike through Fontainebleau State Park's Alligator Boardwalk trail.  The trail was pretty muddy in spots, but Maggie and Rico were thoroughly enjoying it.  

We made it out to the boardwalk which takes you out over Lake Ponchartrain.

There were a couple of observation areas at the end of the boardwalks.  We saw lots of ducks in the distance. 

Although it was an overcast day, the views out on the lake were beautiful.

Back at the rig, Maggie and Rico were ready of a long nap.  Joyce and I did some cleaning up.  She vacuumed and cleaned inside.  I used our portable tank to empty our gray tank at the dump station.

In the afternoon it began to sprinkle a bit.  Joyce wanted to look for a jacket so we took off to some shops around Slidell.  Before leaving the park, we extended our stay by one day as foul weather is expected through Wednesday.  So now we plan to move on Thursday.  We spent the rest of the evening at home waiting for the heavy rain that never came.

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