Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Groceries, Laundry and the Salt Lick Bar-B-Que

March 23, 2010.
We awoke to a beautiful morning with temps in the 50’s but quickly warming.  In fact I think it hit the high 70’s later in the day.  I didn’t sleep well because I left the awning out overnight and I could hear the wind picking up and the awning moving with wind gusts.  However, after lying awake listening to it, it seemed to die down and I fell back to sleep.  After I got up in the morning, I went ahead and brought in the awning as the wind was picking up again.
No big plans for today.  Joyce wanted to go into town and do some grocery shopping.  Then she wanted to get back and do laundry. You see, our full time RV lifestyle also comes with the usual domestic responsibilities!  It's not all about seeing the sights.  This for us is a way of life and sometimes we need to slow down so it doesn't feel like a vacation that went on for too long!

We drove to Dripping Springs, Tx. and stopped at the largest small grocery in town. We started shopping but Joyce quickly noted that things were over-priced.  We had a pretty good list to fill.  We decided to leave and drive to a H.E.B. in Austin some 23 miles away!  It was a long distance but a nice drive.  We loved the H.E.B. grocery store!
After picking up groceries, we stopped at the Dripping Springs Post-Office to mail off our taxes.  Glad that’s done even though we won’t be seeing a refund!
Back at the rig, I took Maggie and Rico for a long walk along the trails within the Cottonwood Creek RV Park.  It’s a nice little trail area.

Folks are encouraged to build little trail markers out of rocks and sticks.  Build them but don’t destroy them!

Joyce worked on the laundry in the little laundry house in the park.  It’s very nicely decorated in a western theme and clean.

For dinner, we went to the Salt Lick Bar-B-Que in Driftwood, Texas a mere 18 miles away!  

World famous for their bar-b-que. I gotta admit the pork ribs were the best I’ve ever had. In fact all the bar-b-que was good but the side dishes were below average.  

It's very casual, BYOB with picnic tables in a banquet room setting.

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