Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Owl Creek Pass

July 25, 2010.
Another beautiful day in the Montrose Valley. After a late start (around noon) we decided to take an off-road trail up and over Owl Creek Pass. Some locals had told us about it. They claimed it has some of the best views of any of the Jeep trails.
The Owl Creek Pass trail is 41 miles long. I had only plannned on doing a few miles and then turning back.
We saw this Red Tail Hawk in the road. He then flew off into this tree.
After about 12 miles into it, we decided to complete the whole loop of 41 off-road miles.

We had climbed to about 9K feet where the top and bottom picture were taken.
The locals tell us that some of the scenes for True Grit were filmed in this pasture as well as several Marlboro Man commercials. This pasture is just northeast of Ridgeway, Co. were there was additional filming in town.
At the summit, a mere 10K plus feet!
Still at the summit, we were chased off by swarms of flies shortly after taking this picture.

This young buck crossed our path. Notice the velvety horns.

We drove through many beautiful Aspen Forests like the one below.
When we finally got back to a paved road we were 21 miles east of Montrose. We drove into town washed the Jeep and filled it up in preparation for moving on in a couple of days. We are discovering that we are getting 18-22 mpg from the Jeep. The mileage is around 18 when off-road and low 20's on the highway around 60 mph.
The Jeep is great for off-road and around town. It's a bit underpowered at highway speeds over 60 mph, but I'm very satisfied with it. 

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