Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Beautiful Day for Kayaking and Bowling?

February 20, 2010.  The day started out cool and sunny, but warmed to the lower 60's.  We did the usual walks with Maggie and Rico and then set them up outside in the warm sun.  Joyce wanted to do some laundry at the park. 

I unpacked our Sea Eagle 370 Kayak and pumped it up in about 20 minutes.  I then took it on a solo ride in the salt marsh behind us.  I wanted to have it ready to go when Ashley and Andrew visited with us in the afternoon.

I took a bike ride down to the north entrance of Garcon Point Trail.  I then rode the hike/ bike trail on my bike.  It was one of the wettest and bumpiest rides I've ever done.  The trail was riddled with lots of tree roots and small ditches.  I had to ride through water from 1 to 8 inches deep as there was no way to avoid it.  I made it to the south entrance without getting too awful wet and muddy.  I then rode the 6 miles back on the road.

Shortly after I returned, Ashley and Andrew arrived at our RV site.  Before long, Ashley and Andrew were taking a short cruise in the Kayak.

Ashley was not entirely comfortable with the idea of kayaking/ canoeing in the marsh as she has an exaggerated fear of alligators and sharks. 

Joyce and Maggie waiting on the dock for the safe return of Ashley and Andrew.

Andrew and I then took a ride in the kayak.

We went out as far as we could get into the salt marsh.  Eventually the saw grass became too narrow for us to go any further.

Afterwards we made an early dinner before deciding to go bowling on Whiting Field.  I had not bowled in over 25 years and it showed, I bowled a 102, 107 and 95.

Andrew was awesome he bowled a 230 on his first game, a personal best.  He won each of the three games with ease.  He didn't have to throw as many balls as the rest of us!

Even Ashley beat me on the last of the three games we played.  

Joyce played a consistent game and nearly beat me on the last game.  I guess I can forget about a second career as a professional bowler!

It was almost 9:00 by the time we got home.  We walked the dogs and called it a day.  A great day!

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