Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taking care of Business

February 15-16, 2010.  The last couple of days have started off with frosty mornings, then wind in the late morning with temps only reaching the mid 40's. We've had bright sun and temps in the sun out of the wind are enjoyable, it's the wind that gets ya!

We've been enjoying ourselves visiting with Ashley and Andrew.  Monday morning, Joyce and I took Maggie and Rico to a veterinarian to get their annual physicals, shots and heart worm checks.  $400 later, they are set for at least another year!  In the afternoon, Joyce took Ashley shopping for her birthday.  I stayed home with Maggie and Rico. In the evening we went over to A3's (Ashley, Andrew and Ava) house for dinner and to continue work on our taxes.  Maggie and Ava engaged in tug-a-war games.

Tuesday February 16, I took the dogs for a long walk along Indian Bay.

We decided it was time to get new rear tires for Joyce's car.  The tires on the rear were the original tires and had worn "square" after 8 years and 60K miles.  I had replaced the front tires last year.  So we traveled to Sam's Club and had the rear tires replaced, rotating the front tires to the rear and placing the new ones on the front.  Another $400!

I had noticed that the rear tires were making a lot of noise at low speed and I had been concerned due to their age even though they still had good tread.  However, we had been considering buying another more practical vehicle i.e., a suv.  Because we have been undecided, we have post-poned the search for a newer vehicle for awhile.   Joyce's car is still in great shape with only 60K miles and we've been getting 23 mpg local driving and 26 mpg hwy.  Our Diesel truck gets about 14-15 mpg and 8-11 towing.   Even so, we still haven't worked out just how practical/ economical it will be to have a second vehicle while traveling.  We already know we enjoy having it when we are parked for any length of time.  But, it's not practical for transporting our dogs.

We are making plans to continue moving west on Tuesday February 24th.

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