Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Stormy Night, Angry Surf, Routine Chores around the Campsite

February 5, 2010.  The storm overnight was incredible.  The winds were gusting to 45 mph and the rig was shaking a bit.  These winds were ahead of the rain.  I was concerned about some of the dead pine trees around our site potentially falling in the wind.  By 1:00 a.m. the rain had started and it continued till about 10:00 a.m.  After that the skies cleared and things began to dry off rather quickly.
We got outside late in the morning after the rain had stopped and took Maggie and Rico for walks.  I then collected the satellite dish and stand from where I had laid it down under the rig.  I noticed that the wind had rolled it over.  I set the stand and satellite up and went to get my “satellite finder” gage and turn the receiver on to calibrate a signal.  Surprisingly, I had found the satellite by sheer luck when I stood it up!   So all it took was some fine tuning and anchoring and I was all set!
I rode my bike out to the beach where I could hear the roar of the incoming waves.  I walked out on the boardwalk and saw the crashing waves on the beach.  I didn’t have a camera with me and Joyce was back at the rig.  So I left to go back and get both.

Together we rode our bikes back out to the beach to watch and record the awesome beauty of an angry surf after the passing of a storm.

The red flag not only indicates how strong the wind was blowing but denotes a high hazard warning for beach goers.

Later in the afternoon, we decided to clean the insides or our vehicles.  It had been months since we had vacuumed either one of them.  We use a small 1.5 gallon shop-vac that we purchased from Walmart.  It does a good job.

Maggie and Rico always want to ride in the car or truck.  They rarely if ever get to ride in the car.  But are constantly alert to any activity around the car and especially the truck.  They both wanted to be as close as possible as I was cleaning the truck, just in case they were invited for a ride!

Several new campers moved into the park today.  One across from us landed with a tire going flat.  He put on his spare which was nearly flat, so I hooked up my compressor for him to air it up.  The remainder of the day we spent relaxing at home and taking short walks or bike rides.

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