Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bike Ride along 30A and more of the beautiful Beach

February 3, 2010.  We woke to a beautiful sunrise through the back window and temperatures in the high 40’s.  It quickly warmed under the bright sunshine to the lower 60’s.  We got out early to walk Maggie and Rico.
Our new friends stopped by in the morning to say good-bye and ask for suggestions on another state park west of here. We shared our maps and what little information we had on state parks in the panhandle.
Joyce and I decided to take a bike ride outside of the park.  There’s a nice bike trail that parallels highway 30A east and west along the coast.  We headed out of the park and took the trail west.  We came across this  covered steel bridge on the trail.

Joyce took advantage of the Starbucks along the route inside a small upscale shopping plaza.

As we rode further west, we took a detour down a public access to the beach.  Gotta love the beach!  The sound of the waves crashing on the beach was so relaxing, we took a short "power nap". How about that beach house?  There were only two or three people on the beach as far as we could see.

We passed by several restaurants on our ride that may require further investigation!  After about 15 miles, we were back to where we started, at our rig.  We did some cleaning up and gave Maggie and Rico some attention and another walk. 
Later I went to the beach inside Grayton Beach State Park  and took some shots of the waning sunset before the clouds engulfed it. 

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  1. Yep, you two certainly have my sympathy, having to deal with all that warm, sunny weather and beautiful beaches as well....beautiful State Park. Wish I could trade some of this cold, wet weather for some of yours...enjoy the ride...Marty