Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A day of Biking

February 8th, 2010.  A beautiful sunny morning gave way to an overcast afternoon with a high of 62 degrees.
We had extended our stay a few days after getting here and were scheduled to leave tomorrow, Tuesday.  However, rain was forecasted for Tuesday.  So off we went to the ranger station to try and extend for another day.  Joyce came out victorious, we are staying till Wednesday!  Actually, our spot is reserved beginning Thursday.  Apparently there’s some sort of Winnebago rally in the park.  Maggie and Rico waited patiently and were rewarded with treats from the rangers.

We were staying home today and Joyce felt like napping after doing a load of laundry.  So I went for a bike ride on some off-road trails in Grayton Beach State Park that are linked to Point Washington State Forest.  The trail head is actually on the opposite (north) side of Hwy. 30A.

The trail was cut through pine forests and saw palmetto.  It was a generally a wide single track with portions on very sandy fire roads.  Except for the sugar sand and a few mud puddles, it was not a challenging ride. 

This sign post out in the forest was at the intersection of three different trails.  This was one of the best marked trails that I have ridden.  However, I still managed to miss a turn on the way back!

I crossed C.R. 395 and found myself at the start of another trail head, this one outside of Grayton Beach Park but inside Point Washington State Forest.  It was called Longleaf Pine Greenway Trail.  

I did just a few miles on this trail as it was very similar, but very wet.

I got home for a late lunch.  I then went out for another ride east on Hwy 30 A on the paved bike trail.  I traveled to a planned neighborhood called Watercolor.  It’s a beautiful community with it’s own shops, marina, and recreation areas.  It was designed to be very pedestrian and cyclist friendly.  There were beautiful southern style homes lining the cobblestone streets.  However, the community looked somewhat deserted.  Apparently these communities have become more popular as vacation venues.
Later Joyce and I rode to the beach to catch the sunset.

Again I was disappointed as the approaching front out of the west, hid the sun behind the clouds.

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