Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Travel Day to Avalon Landings RV Park

February 10, 2010.  We were up early, excited about moving on.  However, it was cold and windy outside with temps in the upper 30's.  I particularly like travel days.  Although it's stressful pulling your home down the road, for me it's also fun.  I like the feel of driving my big diesel pickup and making it use the power that is deep within it.  After all, it's built to be worked!

I stowed the satellite dish and made other preparations, while Joyce readied the inside.  My tire pressure monitoring system warned me that the left front tire on the fifth wheel was low.  I removed the sensor/ transmitter from the valve stem, noting that it was loose and the possible cause of a slow leak.  I then aired it up with my compressor.  Now I normally remove the sensor/ transmitters when we park.  However, I didn't this time as I didn't initially think we would stay very long at Grayton Beach State Park.  Once everything was where it should be for towing, we retracted each of the three slides.  I then operated the Big Foot Levelers and hitched the fifth wheel to my truck.

By 10:00, we were ready to depart Grayton Beach State Park.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the park and would consider staying there again.

It was a 92 mile trip to Avalon Landing RV Park.  We had stayed at Avalon Landing RV park this past October.  It's the closest nice park to our daughter, Ashley and son-in-law Andrew.

The ride was uneventful except for the strong north wind and some construction on Hwy. 331.  I had not fueled up for the trip as I had just less than half a tank.  However, again I was deviating from my usual routine.  I don't like to be concerned with fuel issues on the road and usually fuel up before hitching up.  We pulled into Avalon Landing without incident.  We got our pick of about 4 sites on the water and decided to stay for at least two weeks.  The rate was $234 a week plus tax, which brought it to just over $500 for two weeks.  The park is small and has cable t.v. and wifi.

We quickly got parked in our site.  Although the temps were in the 40's, it felt much warmer in the full sun.  Before long we were unhitched.  The beautiful view out our back window facing east.

Our daughter, Ashley invited us over for Lasagna at her house.  Joyce wanted to run some errands and took care of that in her car while I finished setting up camp.  Rico was helping me with the set up.

Around 5:00 we arrived at Ashley and Andrews home along with Maggie and Rico.  Ashley and Andrew also have a boxer, named Ava.   Their dog, Ava has grown up around Maggie and Rico and they all enjoy playing and running around together.  We had an excellent meal and visit, but before long, the sleep monster was creeping up on me.  So we got home and went to bed early.  

Travel days are exciting, stressful and fun.  But they also wear you out!

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