Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 11th, 2010.
Another hot day at Kirtland A.F.B. in the Fam Camp that I’ve renamed the gravel parking lot.
After our morning ritual of walking the dogs, Joyce and I went for a another ride around the base on our tandem. Later, I took the car into Albuquerque to one of several Walmarts for an oil change and then I washed the car at a car wash.
That evening, my father and Karen went with us to Old Town Albuquerque. It would appear the Romero family was a prominent family in the era as the main drag through Old Town is Romero Street.
And The Romero HouseAmong the various architectural styles used in constructing the buildings of Albuquerque's Old Town is the Prairie and Mediterranean style of the Jesús Romero House next door to the Basket Shop.

This red tiled roof house was built in 1915 by a grocer who owned the  Romero Store at 121 Romero Street.  This was the last major home built on the plaza.

The building became a home for unwed mothers after Romero’s death and, according to the docent, perhaps tongue in cheek, was known as Casa Boo Boo. The second story of the building was added in 1961.
We ate at a local restaurant. Although steeped in history, the food in the restaurant wasn’t very good.

The majority of Old Town is tourist oriented with lots of shops peddling knicknacks. 

I had seen one too many by this point! 

We did enjoy the shops, people watching and walking around in Old Town Albuquerque. It was nice and cool by the time we got back home to the Fam Camp.

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