Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Visiting with Relatives

June 6, 2010.

Again I awoke to bright sunshine and temps in the upper 70's at 6:30 a.m. With the sun shining it was quickly warming. After walking the dogs around the park, my Father walked over to ask if we wanted to go out for breakfast with them and primo Donnie and his wife Rosala.

So at about 8:30 Donnie and Rosala got in our car and we headed off to Truth or Consequences followed by my father and Karen to find a restaurant for breakfast. After driving around we discovered our first two choices were closed. Eventually we ended up in Elephant Butte at a local diner. 

After breakfast we returned to camp. Donnie was expecting their son to arrive so they invited us back for another boat adventure, but we graciously declined. 

My father wanted to go for a drive to find a future space port site out in the desert. It's suppose to be a commercially owned venture that will eventually provide the wealthy with trips out to space. So we went on a long drive out into the desert in search of this space complex that is still under construction. After traveling miles in the desert with temps over 100 degrees, and seeing no other vehicles, I couldn't help but think of our lack of preparedness should we become stranded. We had no water to speak of in the car with us. Long story short, we didn't find anything and got back home safely.

That afternoon, we again retreated to the shelter or our rigs to escape the heat and sun. My thermometer registered 105 degrees. Joyce and I took a short nap before we left to travel to the home of my father's first cousin, primo Billy Romero in Garfield, NM. Primo Billy and his wife Deda live in a modest home surrounded by farm fields. Billy recently retired after 47 years with a petroleum gas company.

After dinner it was picture time so I took a picture of my father and Billy together.

Billy gave us about 20 lbs. of pecans before we left from the tree in the background. We enjoyed their company. My father and Karen will be returning to this area in September to continue their visit. Joyce and I hope to return sometime when it's much cooler! Billy and Deda live near the town of Hatch, the chili capital of the world. Chili's are grown all around their home and the area along with onions, pecans, alfalfa and more.
The Romeros

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