Lake Mead N.R.A.

Lake Mead N.R.A.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

White Springs, Airing up the Rig

January 29, 2010.  Another beautiful, partly cloudy day that started off with an early morning rain shower. 
We got out early and did our usual Friday chores around the park for the last time.  We drove the Gator to Little Shoals on Road 1.  You may recall that Road 1, a dirt road which is often muddy, cuts through the forest paralleling the paved Wood Pecker Trail.  I’ve enjoyed riding through the forest on this 4 mile road and the unexpected sightings of deer and other wildlife.  I couldn’t help but think that as we prepare to leave in the next few days that this may be my last time on Road 1.
Back at our rig, we decided to go into town for lunch.  We went to the Corner Cafe.  We enjoyed our meals.  If you are ever in White Springs, the Corner Cafe and Fat Belly’s are both worth the visit.  
We took some pictures of some older homes in and around White Springs on our way back to Big Shoals State Park.  There is a lot of history in White Springs.  The area used to have a thriving turpentine industry, saw mills, tobacco and cotton plantations.  Many of the early 20th century homes are beautifully maintained and/ or restored. 

There’s also a number of old homes in the area that are in severe disrepair.  Many are abandoned and surprisingly still standing.  However, I find them interesting as I wonder about their history.

When we got back, I set out to inflate the tires on our Carriage Cameo fifth wheel. I wanted to get this done as rain is expected for tomorrow, Saturday.  We have been parked for 3 mos. so I expected the tire pressures to have gone down some.  The recommended tire pressure for our fifth wheel’s four tires is 80 p.s.i. each.  I was surprised that the pressure in the tires was only down 2-3 p.s.i. each.  I use a tire pressure monitoring system on the fifth wheel’s tires when traveling.  It monitors the tire pressures and temperature.  The system monitor flashes and alarms when it senses air loss and has adjustable parameters for the air pressure and temperatures.
I had taken the valve stem transmitters off each wheel when we first arrived at Big Shoals as each transmitter continues to transmit and run down it’s battery unless the transmitter is removed from the valve stems.  So after airing up each of the tires, I checked the lug nuts and installed the transmitters.

I then began work on the truck’s tires.  The rear duals have average sized valve stems that are difficult to reach and work with.  Subsequently, I’ve found it’s much easier to get to them if I take off the chrome inserts.  I had aired down the rear duals to 65 p.s.i. each while we were not towing.  However, I aired the tires up to 75 p.s.i. each in preparation for towing our fifth wheel.  I maintain 65 p.s.i. on the front tires.

I use a pancake compressor that is stored in the front storage compartment of the fifth wheel.  This compartment is often used for an on-board generator.  When we ordered our Carriage, we ordered it without the $5K optional propane generator.  We did order the generator prep package.  I’ve left room for a nice quiet gas powered generator.  A purchase we’ve yet to make.

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  1. Darren, how well does that pancake compressor do the job, as far as time to inflate to 80 psi?

    Marty Hill